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Russian is spoken by around 300 million people, making it the fifth most prevalent language in the world. Spanning nine time zones, Russia's influence in the world can truly be said to spread from East to West, and a knowledge of the language will give you a profound insight into the country. 
The benefits are wide-ranging, varying from the economical to the cultural. Due to its wealth of natural resources and raw materials, the Russian market should be of key interest to most foreign businessmen. Additionally, Russia prides itself on its scientific acvhievements, and its recent innovations in engineering, computer programming, and IT are further incentives to those considering studying. 
In need of no introduction, of course, is Russia's fine tradition in the arts. Its literary canon alone boasts the likes of Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, and Anton Chekov. If we expand it to include composers, ballet dancers, and artists, the list of names becomes too exhaustive to note. In learning Russian, you can begin to appreciate these masterpieces in their original form, and get ever closer to understanding the mysterious Russian soul.


Целевая группа

This Russian language course is aimed at students whose goal is to better their academic skills in Russian.

Документы для приема

Оригинал и копия паспорта или документа, заменяющего его

Оригинал и копия документа об образовании и квалификации или справка об обучении для лиц, получающих высшее образование

Оригинал и копия документа об изменении фамилии, имени, отчества (при необходимости)

Условия поступления

An application form and an entrance test determining the level of Russian.

Содержание программы

Throughout the Academic Skills in Russian course, students will develop their academic reading, listening, writing and speaking skills, as well as learn grammar and vocabulary that meets the requirements of using the language in an academic setting. As a part of this course students study in mini-groups consiting of 5-6 students. Each student will have their own trajectory for working on developing academic language skills, which they will agree on with their teacher.  

Course objectives: 
  • to develop pronunciation skills;
  • to obtain knowledge of the level of Russian grammar neccessary for effective communication in an academic setting;
  • to be able to speak about a range of academic subjects as well as to express individual opinions on a certain topic/issue;
  • to communicate effectively in different academic settings, futhermore, to participate in discussions, seminars and conferences;
  • to understand the gist of an authentic academic conversation or text in Russian, as well as details and the writer's conclusions;
  • to write a range of academic texts of different formats about various academic topics; 
  • to get an insight and understanding of Russian culture.
This course is based on the best manuals published by the leading universities and publishing houses in Russia, what's more, it includes online resources necessary for enriching academic vocabulary, practicing grammar and developing academic listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.
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